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I've FINALLY updated! Hopefully this won't be the last until next year!






Friday, December 4: Wow, it's been forever since my last update. A whole year and a half almost! Well, this year has been a pretty big let down. Or I guess, just a lot of little ones... Take your pick. And I don't think the rest of 2009 is going to be much better. Good things that happened this year? Cousin Jared got married to his High School Sweetheart, Tiegan. About time!! And also my best friend, Karen, had her third and last baby. Well at least she tells me it's her last! His name is Kaiden Arthur, and is the sweetest little guy ever. I love spending time with him, I guess since he would have been so close in age to my baby. Karen and family live right next door to me, but are moving this month. Hopefully they can be settled in by Christmas. The only exciting thing I'm looking foreward to is next February. My dad is in Mexico right now. I actually talked to him today! As we are having our first blizzard of the season, my dad tells me it's "chilly" in Mexico. He even has to wear a jacket in the morning! It's 65 degrees Ferenheight...so about 18 degrees Celcius. The only reason I think it's "chilly" is because he's right on the water. And he almost got lost while quadding in the sand today. Apparently if it wasn't for the GPS, they would have had to follow their own tracks back home. Poor dad. I feel so bad for him. And thank God for technology, right? So, in February...if everything works out (crossing my fingers), I will be flying to Las Vegas. Dad will pick me up and we will go back to his trailer in Parker, Arizona. Then we take the 4 day drive back to Alberta! I'm really excited to go outside of Canada and get to see some cool stuff. Like...slot machines! lol Cause we don't have them here. Anyway, there's my update and I'll get pictures up as soon as I can. After getting my new laptop, I have a lot of transferring of files to do from 3 other computers!


Sunday, June 29: Today I went down to Pine Coulee and went boating with Chelley and Bob, and the kids. I even got in the tube! Don't have a clue how to swim, but me and Tori had a good time in the tube. It was a very hot day, and I had a lot of fun. Then I went to Chelley's house and ended up staying there so late, that I just spent the night.

Saturday, June 28: MY 25TH BIRTHDAY!!!! Well, today I woke up super early and Erin came and got me. Trevor invited me to go on the Poker Run with him. So, I guess it's the next best thing to riding Jeremy's Harley. Unfortunately he was in BC, of course. He said he'd be home by my birthday, but obviously got busy with whatever he's doing out there. So, Erin and I stopped at Tim Horton's for breakfast and then headed to Trevor and Val's. Nothing too exciting to write about the day. Just go to Trevor and Val's page and you can read all about it. Erin and I went to mom's when we got back to town, but she was at Debbie and Grant's. So, we went over there and I had a drink. The rest of the night was being home alone, just like every other day of my life.

Friday, June 27: Today was Coralee's Grade 12 Graduation. I went to the ceremony in the park and I was also invited by Chelley to join them at the dinner. Of course she had bought me a ticket. Anyway, I don't have very many pictures, as I took a lot of video. But here's what I do have. I'll get more from Chelley soon.

Coralee's Grad

Oh yeah! I had to take Pookah back to the vet because he WAS NOT eating ANYTHING! Not even table food. The vet gave him a needle of antibiotics and said to call him in a couple days. Well, after a couple days of me fighting with Pookah to get some food into him, I called the vet and he told me to come back and get as different kind of anti-biotic. Pookah was SOOOO skinny. When I talked to the vet, he said that this was basically the last thing he could do. Which meant, "if he doesn't get better soon, you're going to have to put him down". He said that it was a possibility that this upper respiratory infection was not the problem, it may just be a mask for something worse, and that Pookah may have Feline Lukemia. I was so upset about it, that I was crying with my skinny kitty cuddling with me at night. Well, one shot of this other anti-biotic before I went to bed...he was eating the next morning!!! And he's been gorging ever since. I have my cat back!!

Friday, June 20: Tonight I went to Cayley School for Tori's Grade 8 Commencement. She even made a speech!

Tori's Grad

Sunday, June 15: What a crock of poo!! So, I no longer have a job. I got "let go" today. Most of you reading this, already know, but I have family in England who read this once in a while. Anyway, I went to work on the 13th. Friday the 13th...I should have known. Then on Saturday I wasn't feeling good, so I called my manager and told her I wanted to go to the hospital to be checked out. She said okay. So, I went to the hospital here in High River and was in the waiting room when Jeremy called me. His bike broke down and I had to go in and pick him up. So, I told the nurse and I left. I figured since it was only an unwell tummy, and I'd been like that for a week, it could wait another day or two. I also had a message from my boss...

"Hey Anie, this is Roxie. Um, on Sunday we only have 3 check ins. You're absolutely going to have to come in. There's just no other choice. Cause um, I cannnot work 7 days a week. I'm almost at the point where I have to be in the hospital myself. And so you WILL come in Sunday for your shift at 3 to 11. And, I'm not giving you a choice on this. Alright? So, I'll expect you there tomorrow at 3."

Like, WHAT?? You'r really making me want to come to work. It was a very unpleasant message and it caused a little bit of stress that I didn't need. Anyway, then Jeremy wanted to go out with some friends that night, so I stayed at home with Sophia. She slept, so it was pretty easy. I called Karen at about 1:30 am to chat. Jeremy wasn't home yet, so I thought I'd talk to her for a bit. I was wondering where he was, but I had no way of getting a hold of him. After talking for a bit, I noticed my heart start to race, and I told Karen to stay on the phone with me, while I tried to make my pacemaker do it's job. Well, it wouldn't, so the last resort was going to the hospital. But what do I do with the 3 year old upstairs? Jeremy wasn't back yet. Karen and I decided that she could take Sophia to her house, since she already has two kids, and her husband would be there. And she would take me to the hospital. So, I started writing a note to Jeremy about where Sophia was, and where I was gonig, and not to worry. Well, he got home just as I was finishing the note. So, I explained to him what was going on and he offered to take me to the hospital. He'd just wake Sophia up an all would be good. I told him no, I didn't want Sophia around the hospital with me right now. Plus he'd had a couple drinks, and I knew Karen didb't mind. So, I spent all night in Foothills Hospital, waiting for the Pacemaker nurse to get to the hospital and convert me. Well, my heart ended up converting itself and it wasn't long after that, that Karen and I headed home. We got home at about 7:30 in the morning, and my first and only thought was sleep. I woke Jeremy up from sleeping on the couch and told him I was home and going to bed. I completely forgot that I should have been calling my boss to let her know I wouldn't be coming in today. I went to bed and I don't know what time it was that Jeremy came in telling my that my sister, Chelley, had called. I guess Roxie called her to find out where I was. So, I called Chelley and talked to her. And then I called Roxie and left her a message about what had happened and that I wouldn't make it in today, under Dr's orders. She called me back a few minutes later and said that "It just was't working out." I got upset with her and told her this was wrong, and that she knew from day one what was going on with me. She never had a problem with it. But apparently she did. I wasn't enjoying my job anymore, but it was extra money, so I'm a little upset from what she did.

Thursday, June 6: I know it's only been a day since my last update, but I have successfully found my cats. I called Heaven Can Wait yesterday and left a detailed description of Milo and Pookah, and the woman running it called me back last night at about 6:30. She said that she was sure she had seen my Red Point Siamese (a.k.a. Milo) at the High River Vet Clinic. Then she told me that she had picked up a black and white cat (a.k.a. Pookah) at the same clinic. His tattoo was unreadable, and so she took him. She also told me that they had him on some antibiotics, due to an upper respiratory problem!! So, I went to the vet clinic this morning and picked up Milo. The girl at the front desk was a little dissapointed that he was my cat, because he was so friendly, and they had formed a bond. Well, for those of you who know Milo, he's a lover and gets along with EVERYBODY...as long as they are giving him attention. What more do you want to prove he is a true Siamese?? When she brought him out, I started tearing up and was hugging him so hard, he probably couldn't breath. LOL He was fine and cuddled with me when we got home. A little later in the afternoon, I asked Karen if she wanted to come out to Heaven Can Wait to pick up Pookah. I didn't think he was as bad as he is. When she brought him out in the cat carrier, his nose was bleeding, and runny. And one of his eyes was icky and runny too. He's lost a lot of weight because he won't eat. He can't smell the food. They gave me his antibiotics and instructed me on how to care for him. They said it's not unusual, it's like us having a cold. But I guess his is really bad. I got him home, and could tell he was happy to be in his home. I couldn't stay in the house with him because you can hear him trying to breath. And because he's so stuffed up, he's got no balance and trips over himself. I sat here crying and wondering what I could have done differently to prevent this. And I guess the only answer would have been to not let him out while I was away. He still isn't eating, just sleeping. Which is good, I guess. But I wish I could get some food in to him. My poor boy!! They actually said that it's better that he's an older cat, and not a kitten, because he's got a better immune system to fight the infection. I hope he's back to normal within a week or so. It hurts me to see him like this!!

Wednesday, June 5: Well, a lot has happened in the last couple of months. I guess I would have actually updated, if my life didn't become so busy. I'm still working at the Ramada. I'm doing okay there.

So April was: Work. We had a couple people leave and so I (the part-time person) was put on for more work! It was hard to get through, but I did it. It's starting to get busier!

May: Well Jeremy decided to move away in May. To Penticton, BC. So we had lots of fun on the days I wasn't working...which weren't many. And on the 6th, he left. It was hard trying to get adjusted to not having him around every day. I talked to him on the phone lots though, and decided that I should go out and visit him. He talked it up so well on the phone, that I just HAD to go. He even said, "Annie, you HAVE to come out here!! You'll love it!!" After I saw my hours on the May/June schedule, I noticed I didn't work all that much and decided to go out to see him after the long weekend. My boss asked me to cover another girl's shift all weekend, and I also worked the holiday Monday. But no big deal. More money for me to go to BC with. I left on the 20th. The trip was awesome. It was raining the first day I was there and I was standing in it...guess what...I wasn't cold!! I got a tan while I was there. And the scenery was gorgeous. Jeremy and I went for quite a few rides on the motorbike and it was heavenly! Everybody commented on the unusual amount of energy I had. Awake at 7:00 and go to bed at 11:00 or midnight! And I'd be doing lots of stuff while I was out there. Jeremy's daughter came out for a week and we had fun taking her to the beach and playing in the spray park. She loved "the hot". While I was there, I kept in touch with Karen. She now lives almost across the street from me, and so I asked her to take care of my cats and the ferret. The Friday after I left, she said Pookah was gone!! She had called and called, even started my truck up, and he didn't show up. Milo followed her home and she let him in for a few hours before kicking him out again. And then Milo dissapeared!! Dad came out on the 31st, and we left on June 1st to come back to Alberta. I took Sophia with me, to save Jeremy an 8 hour trip to Nanton, and an 8 hour trip back to Pen. I'll put up some pictures, but unfortunately, I didn't take that many due to the fact that I couldn't take the camera on the bike, and I otherwise forgot it at the trailer...OOPS!!

A couple pics!

What am I up to now that I'm back?? Well, I worked on the 3rd. And the rest of my time has been spent wondering where my cats have gotten to??

  March 2008


Monday, March 24: I started my job at the Ramada Inn and Suites yesterday. And in two days I've had a couple mishaps already. Yesterday was slow. The manager was there but only for about 15 minutes. She felt secure enough I guess that I'd be okay with another Front Desk girl. Who had only worked one full shift herself, and said that I knew the computer program better than she did. She's very nice and I liked working with her. She felt bad at 10:30 am, asking me if I felt okay to spend an hour by myself because she wanted to celebrate Easter with her family at church. So, my reply was..."Well, you know, I guess it's just better if I just jump in and do it on my own now. Otherwise you'll be doing everything because I won't feel confident enough. So, yes, go ahead and leave for an hour. I don't mind, I'll figure it out." Like, wow, hey?? Anyway, I got along just fine without her because it was completely dead. We only had a couple calls all day. We have a 7 step "Magic Formula" to answer the phone.

1: Answer in 3 rings!!
2: Approved Greeting (Good morning/afternoon/evening. Thank you for calling the High River Ramada Inn and Suites. This is Annie. How may I help you?) I can already do it without looking at the sheet!
3: Match day with date and determine number of people.
4: What brings you to the area?
5: 4 personalized benefits BEFORE rate.
6: ATR...meaning "May I confirm this reservation?"
7: Fallback Options (Still trying to understand, but haven't had to use them yet)

My first call, I used the first 2. I get very flustered when the phone rings and have been forgetting to tell them 4 benefits of the hotel. WOOPS!! So, yesterday I did pretty good. Although the 16 year old that comes in 1 hour before I leave is so annoying I want to punch her in the face! She's very unprofessional, and she uses the front desk phone to call her friends and talk to them. She also is on her cell phone a lot. She needs to go! LOL, I'm so mean.

Today was a bit better. The manager was in to give me training on EVERYTHING. Including couning the float at the beginning of my shift AND how to put away the breakfast area and clean it all. Today after doing most of it myself with just a little direction, I figure I might become a neat freak in my own kitchen. Or it'll just get worse because I'll get sick of cleaning. LOL. I was the only Front Dask person today, other than my manager being there to answer the overflowing amount of questions I had. I hope I can remember it all! She was really good and I learned a lot. Jeremy came in sometime in the early morning to ask for my house key. An hour later I remembered that I'd forgot my lunch on the counter at home. I called home, hoping Jeremy would still be there and he could bring it to me on his way out of town. But he had already left. Then lunch came and the phone was ringing off the hook. Some calls for my boss, and the rest were reservations. Chelley and Coralee were sitting at the table closest to the front dask and they were laughing at how flustered I was getting. Answering all these calls, attemping to do them properly, which I was unsuccessful at yet again. Everytime I took a step away from the desk, the phone would ring! So, not only did I forget my lunch at home, I couldn't take my lunch break because it became so busy. I have to say though, I am very relieved at all the customers I have talked to. I tell them all that they're going to have to bear with me, as this is my first or second day, and I'm still learning. They've all been very nice and said that they had all day to sit on the phone with me. The afternoon wasn't too busy, although it didn't seem like I could go sit down at all!! At 3:00, the 16 year old girl came in to start her shift. I had one more hour to go! I had my back turned to the desk and when I went to turn around to go to my computer, my knee popped out of the socket...or something...and I immediately fell, almost hitting the rock wall on my way down!! My knee popped back in to place right away, but I was laying behind the front desk with tears. My boss had seen my fall and was immediately worried. I told her it was just my knee. She said, "Do you want some help up?" I barely had enough breath to say no. She's like, "Annie, I'll help you up and you can go lay down! We have lots of beds!!! Or do you just want to lay there?" I told her I was fine, I just needed to wait for the pain to go away before I could get up. I think I laid there for about 10 minutes, trying my best not to start balling!!! I got up, and I've been doing my best to keep most of my weight on the opposite leg for now. My boss told me I could go home if I needed to, and I said no. I only had one hour left, it wasn't that bad. I had to stand behind the desk with "Little Miss Valley Girl" for another hour and then it was home I went. I am so tired, and I intend on asking Jeremy for another foot massage, as he was nice enough to offer me one last night. That is...if he gets home before 10:00. I intend on having a good night's sleep tonight. So, there you have it. My first two days as a working stiff!! I work again tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully my knee will be okay tomorrow. I will put up some pictures as soon as I have some of my desk, and the hotel itself. The website is www.ramadahighriver.com But I tried it today and it wasn't working. Anyway, it's 8:30, maybe time for a hot bath and a little while to relax and then off to bed. Because tomorrow I'll be singing, "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!" No whistling though. Actually, because my boss' name is Roxie, every morning as I'm getting ready to go, I've been singing "Roxie Roller". Like...what??? I'll update again when it starts getting really busy and I'm ripping my hair out! Wish me luck!

  January 2008


Monday, January 14: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Nothing too much has been happening in the New Year for me. The holidays are finally over, which is awesome because they're too stressful. Me and Jeremy didn't do anything for New Years Eve. He took his daughter to Zoo Years Eve, and then after that we went to the bar. It was actually pretty quiet. Oh well. Excitement in the last few weeks has been....NOTHING. Karen's car got stolen! 2006 Kia. It was found down the alley from her in-laws, which I think is just so very ironic. She just got it back yesterday. As for myself...I got a call today to go in to the Movie Gallery tomorrow morning for a job interview. As much as I don't want to work evenings and weekends, I need the money too bad to pass it up. Jeremy's going to be gone all day, and I'm going to be gone all night. Actually, I don't think it'll be that bad considering I only asked for part time. And that's about it. Other than that, I've been working on updating my page ALL DAY!!!

Saturday, January 5: We had Sophia this weekend. Jeremy went out snowmobiling at Catarac Creek, and Sophia and I stayed home. She was dressing up in my boots and being a little diva. We watched movies all day and played. Here's some pics!

  December 2007


Friday, December 29: Yesterday was Jeremy's birthday. We didn't have a big celebration, but he did get to go snowmobiling all day! He got back to the hotel and passed out after supper. I didn't go snowmobiling yesterday because I got kicked in the face all night the night before, by Sophia, so I needed sleep! So, today was fun though. Woke up early, had something to eat, and got dressed and headed up to the mountain. I doubled with Jeremy's dad up to the "cabin". It's in quotations because it's more like a shack with a wood stove in it. TINY!! I spent half the day there playing in the snow with Sophia. Making snow angels. Then we'd come back in and warm up. Lunch time came and that's when everybody came back to the cabin. Jeremy got me on his snowmobile and I doubled across the pond with him. Then he got off and told me to go have fun. I'm like, "Um, what do I do??" 'Cause I'm totally dumb, and obviously have never done this before! So, he pointed out the gas, the brake, and told me that when I wanted to turn, I had to lean in the direction of the turn before actually turning the sled. Then he went back to the cabin and "cut me loose". I rode for like a minute. He asked why I came back. Him and Sophia were having lunch, so he told me to keep going. Unfortunately I couldn't take my camera up, so I have no pictures of us actually snowmobiling. Which sucks. I only rode his sled for about 10 minutes. It's a 600 Ski-Doo Formula 3 triple...something like that. It's supposed to be impressive, but not a whole lot of people know what I'm talking about, when I say all that! LOL Anyway, I came back into the cabin after 10 minutes. And when Jeremy asked me why I'd come in already, I just told him my left arm was completely dead. That machine is HEAVY!! But I did have a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go again. Jeremy's going to work on his 400 and that'll be my sled. I didn't even know if it would interest me because you all know I'm not much of a winter person, but I liked it!! So, now I have something I know I'll be interested in when it's cold out. As long as there's snow on the ground!!

Thursday, December 27: Jeremy invited me out to Revelstoke to go snowmobiling with him and his parents. He also had Sophia with him. So we left last night and got to Revelstoke at like, 1:00 am. After some much needed sleep, everybody went snowmobiling, except for me. I spent the day with Sophia and we went shopping. I didn't have long underwear, so I ended up having to go buy some. And you're sure to find some in a ski/snowboard/snowmobiling town. That's what I thought anyway. I finally found some and also bought some snowpants. I'm supposed to go snowmobiling with everybody tomorrow.

While shopping, Sophia decided to put on like 4 pairs of sunglasses. Check out the "pro-star"!

Christmas 2007: Christmas was good this year. On the 23rd, my dad and I went up to Lacombe to my Grandpa's house. It was a little stressful, but I cooked my very first turkey! I know, I'm like, WAY too proud about it. I just feel like I accomplished another thing. Really late, but I did it. And now I know I can, so I won't have any reason not to do it again. I didn't get many pictures from being with my Grandpa. I wish I had. But he's still doing okay. He's getting slower, and you can tell he misses Grandma. But I think he really enjoyed having me and Dad there to spend Christmas with him. And on the cooking note, I guess Dad was giving me a nudge in that direction since I got a set of pots and pans, and a slow cooker for Christmas!! Time to start cooking healthy. And the slow cooker is nice, because I really don't have to do anything! LOL Here's pictures of my turkey!

  November 2007


"WAR!! (HUH) What is it good for?? (Absolutely NOTHING!): Wow, I can't believe the maturity of some people!! On the 27th of last month, I wrote Adam a message and wished him a happy birthday. I thought that even though we had a horrible break up, I'd at least wish him a happy birthday and just be an all around nice person. Then the war started. Some stuff happened between my friend Karen, and Adam. And I was the mediator! Trying to get them to both calm down and shut up! "I know you hate each other, so just stop talking already!!" On the 31st, I had Adam's sister-in-law add me to her MSN and we had quite the conversation!! Nothing nice was said, that's for sure. I laughed at the whole conversation. It was extremely immature and she didn't know what the hell she was talking about. Adam has been completely lying to his whole family about everything! I was even being threatened that we would go to court over the whole thing! I had to call Uncle Harvey and ask him about it, and he told me to just stop the conversation, nothing would happen though. So, I had to write to everyone involved and tell them all to shut up. Finally that's over! It stressed me out for the two weeks it was going on, but everything is settled down now, and it was all because I wanted to wish Adam a Happy Birthday. So, now we don't talk at all. Which is fine. If he's going to be like that, then I don't want him in my life anymore. Not even as a friend. All I have to say is, what a GONG show!!

  October 2007


In summary, this month has been full of adventure, and I got to meet Jeremy's almost 3 year old daughter, Sophia. She looks just like him. And she's got his attitude as well! But she's great, and I can't wait to get to know her better. I can't wait to find out what next month will bring! Jeremy is starting to work on his snowmobile and get it ready for this winter, so I think I might experience something new again.

Thursday, October 18: Today was totally fun, and crazy!! Jeremy decided that he wanted to go way out back today. So, after getting ourselves and the truck ready, we headed out. So, basically all we did all day was drive, and Jeremy stopped to fish here and there. He caught a big bull trout. He said that was it. That made his day so much better and we could have gone home then. But we kept driving. We stopped at this one fishing hole and I stayed in the truck. Until he caught something, then I was running out with my camera. I took a picture of a white fish, then stood out there while he attempted to catch this big bull trout. He kept snagging it and he almost got it to shore. I was getting the camera ready, and then all of a sudden the fish got off the hook and the hook came flying back at me. So he kept trying. I decided to go wait in the truck until he got it on shore. I was so tired. That altitude and mountain air wears me out pretty quick. So, I laid my head down on the steering wheel for a minute. I was starting to fall asleep over and over again. I was sitting up and falling asleep. The steering wheel wasn't exactly comfortable, but I was falling asleep on there too. I eventually did conk out. I'm not sure how long I was asleep for. I just heard Jeremy open the door and start talking about how he kept snagging this fish, but he couldn't get it to shore. So I moved over and he said it was time to go anyway. There was a big black cloud coming over the mountains. Not the little broken up ones that we'd seen, but a big black ominous wall. So we were heading back and Jeremy decided to go up this logging trail. We were going up and up and up and then he stopped. And all it was, was straight down! Total 4x4ing trail, but there was a wall on the driver's side, a cliff on the passenger's side, and a tree right in the middle of the trail! I didn't think he'd go down it because we had to go before this cloud came. He jumped back in the truck, and put it into first gear! Holy crap! I'm like, "You're not serious, are you?" Well, I guess he was because we started driving down this hill. We kept going until we hit the log. Then I took my seatbelt off and rolled down my window and looked over the edge. He taught me last time how to spot and why it was important. I knew I needed to spot out for him what was going on. So, he's like, "How far away from the edge are we?" I'm like, "We're not...we're on it!" And he asked me again and I'm like, "Jeremy, we're on the edge. We're on top of the edge, you can't move any further over!" So he tried this and he tried that. He was trying to back up, and reverse back up the trail. But he was stuck on a rock on the passenger's side, his tire wouldn't go over it. And I told him that. He got out, right into the tree. He was breaking branches so he could get out. Then he assessed the situation himself. I wasn't going to try to get out of the truck because I would have fallen down the cliff. No thanks. So, he got back in and was pinning it to go back, but all he was doing was locking up the posse and ended up with the back end of the truck into the wall. He was so mad. He was swearing about how we weren't going to be able to get out and how bad the situation was. On and on he went with the potty mouth! It wasn't helping us. So, he decided to try to go over the tree. We got over it, and luckily we didn't fall off the edge. We got to the bottom and then we turned around. Now, we had to head back up! So Jeremy jumped out and checked it all out and made a plan. Basically the plan was to floor it and hope we got over the tree without going over the edge! And make it to the top. Which worked, because here I am, writing about it. It was such an adrenaline rush. I got out and had to take pictures...here they are!

Almost rolled down a cliff!! (4x4ing again)

Sunady, October 14: So, I guess the only thing, as far as excitement in my life, is I've been going 4x4ing in Jeremy's Jeep Laredo. With a big lift and big mud boggers on it! Jeremy and his friend Steve went 4x4ing a few weeks ago and Steve broke his defferential, in the middle of nowhere!! So, my first time going 4x4ing was a week ago, when we went to assess the damage, take what was valuable, and decide what needed to be done with this other truck. Today, Jeremy, Steve and I, went back out. Loaded the Jeep full of tools, tires and a new diff. It was an interesting trip!! We spent all day out there and it was absolutely gorgeous. Nice and warm. Considering a week ago, the ground was covered in snow out there! I can't believe they swapped the diff in the middle of nowhere! I sat back and watched...took pictures, and laughed at Steve's stupidity. Not only that, but he ended up being able to 4x4 out of the nowhere spot he was in, and broke down as we were going down the flat road! Jeremy had to tow him back to Nanton. I think Steve's Jeep is just a hunk of useless metal now! Here are some pics of our adventure!!

4x4ing and Fixing Steve's Truck

"Sympathy For The Devil" : On October 3rd I started to rekindle an old flame! A man I dated 6 years ago, Jeremy, drove up beside me at my house and we got to talking. We decided that we would go out for a couple drinks that night and we have been having so much fun together this month. I found myself a new motto..."If you're happy and you know it, clap you're hands. If you're not...CHANGE IT!"

October 5: October was the end. Adam and I ended our relationship, knowing that after this many years of trying, there was no more trying left to do. It completely ended on a bad note and we no longer talk to each other.

  September 2007


September was a pretty good month, besides the stress. Adam and I survived a long distance relationship for another month! There were still quite a few ups and downs. He couldn't keep tabs on me, being that he was so far away, and I wanted to start going out and having a life. I did something very BIG this month and dyed my hair red! As soon as I was done that day, I felt like a brand new person. I felt better about myself, and my attitude completely changed. I went from being "normal Annie", to this fiery little redhead that not many people wanted to make mad! The end of September was my friend, Lynzey's wedding. And I was one of her bridesmaids. So, the month was full of stress with the relationship, and full of stress as a bridesmaid. As everyone, including the maid of honor, was calling me to find out information about the wedding! I was also sick in the middle of the month, which made life a little harder. AND I started going to a community program to help me make a resume, so I could find a job. The cost of this place, and me living is starting to get harder!! I guess the only exciting thing was the wedding. Every day that passed closer to the 29th totally made me a little more stressed. The 28th was the rehearsal and we all had a blast. Once we all reached the hall, there were a lot of preperations for the reception. Denise (another bridesmaid and good friend) brought down tablecloths and napkins. Miss Lynzey said she didn't need tablecloths, and as a professional wedding planner, Denise dissagreed and made the place look awesome!! Her and I put the tablesloths on, as the tables were being set up. Then she tried to teach me how to make pretty napkin thingies! Oh she'd hate me right now if she were reading this! I couldn't fold them right and it didn't take me long to completely give up on it! After everything was set up, we had the rehearsal. The guys couldn't stay serious at any point in time, and their attention span was terrible. I even had to give my partner a tip on how to grab my arm when walking down the aisle, as he had given me a nice elbow in the chest! We went out for drinks after that and had a GREAT time. From what I can remember! And it was nice to meet Aaron's groomsmen, and get to know them as they told stories about Aaron. The day of the wedding, all the girls came to my house to get ready. The bride was the last to get there and we ended up being late to the ceremony, as I'm sure you all know a bit about girls getting ready...especially on such an important day! But the party doesn't start without the bride!! LOL The wedding was beautiful, I was pretty much the only bridesmaid tearing up, as I watched my best friend Lynzey Retallcik, change her name to Lynzey Surgenor. After the ceremony there was the pictures and then we all split up before heading to Nanton for the reception. I swear the head table had more fun than anybody else. Denise and I, knowing Lynzey for the last 9 years, wrote a speech and went up. Lynzey's Uncle (The MC), gave me props for how well I did speaking in front of the crowd. Lynzey, Denise and I all had Drama together in High School, and so I guess with them around, I didn't feel the need to be shy! And my new hair and attitude made me the opposite of shy. Anyway, this is getting long, so I guess I'll end it here and let you look at some pictures...

Stagette and Rehearsal Night

Wedding Day (September 29, 2007) 1

Wedding Day 2

Wedding Day 3

  August 2007


Well, August was full of me and Adam trying to work out a long distance relationship. Which worked for the whole month!! I was always home to wait for an email, or the phone to ring. My life was totally put on hold, to make sure that my relationship would work. So, life was full of ups and downs. Break ups and un-break ups! I hate you's...to, I'm sorry, let's work it out. I can't really recall what I did all that month, besides wait by the phone. So, as far as pictures go, they're probably all of my cats! So, no need to put them up.

  July 2007


Well, not too much happened in July. The biggest thing would have been me going to the west coast with Adam and his parents. His Uncle was getting married and I was invited to go. Sweet, because I've never been in BC, except if you want to count Sparwood, and the Vancouver Airport! We left High River and decided to have a vacation before our vacation. We went the long way basically. We went to Jasper and seen all the glaciers and such. I've never been to Jasper, so it was a pretty cool experience. Lots of cool stuff to see. And so very beautiful. We camped the whole time. Which was interesting. Most of you know I am not a morning person to any extent! And every morning was early, pack everything up and leave. It was quite the gong show for the first few days! So, I guess through Jasper and then somehow we made our way down to Kamloops, then west to Burnaby, our destiniation. The wedding was nice and I froze! It wasn't the nicest day. From there, we went through Nanaimo and over to a gorgeous little island called Gabriola Island. And as it says in one of the brochures, "After all, our island is just a big sandstone rock!" I think it only took about 20 min to half an hour to go around the whole coast of the island! "14 km long by 4.5 km wide with an estimated 45 km of coastline. With over 30 public beaches across points, we have more places to dip our toes in the salt water than any other Gulf Island" Yeah, I totally got that off one of the brochures. And for the first time I actually did get to put my feet in the ocean! I did take lots of pictures, but I wasn't thinking when I left home. I forgot to pack the USB cord for my camera, so I didn't get a whole lot of pictures from the island. Especially of myself. Adam's dad took pictures, and so did the rest of the family...but as it turns out, me and Adam no longer talk. This was my last fun time with him. He had decided to go back home to Ontario to go back to school. He just didn't like Alberta anymore. So, we got back from BC at the beginning of August, and Adam left for home on August 2nd. But here's some nice pictures of my holiday anyway.

Burnaby Trip 1

Burnaby Trip 2


  June 2007


Thursday, June 28: Well, today is my 24th Birthday. I know you're probably all sick of hearing about it, but I thought I'd just mention it while I was here. :) Okay, so, long time, no update. Well, let's see. In January, I got rid of my dog. Totally not my choice. My condo board wouldn't let me keep him. They only allow 1 pet under 20 lbs. And they actually didn't make that rule until after I got my dog. Anyway, as far as I know, he's with a good family in Okotoks. He has little children to play with, as well as another dog who is younger than him. I've tried to keep in touch with the woman who took him, but haven't had much success. But I believe he is happy. Although I do miss him.

My best friend had her second baby! A little girl named Raegen Hope. Born April 20th at 3:28 am. Weighing in at 5 lbs 6 oz. and 17 inches long. She's gorgeous and is completely healthy. So I'm a new Auntie.

On May Long Weekend, Adam and I, and a few friends went camping...or attempted it anyway. We spent one night out there and then Adam's tent somehow ended up in our firepit. So we packed up and left. I'm sure lots of stuff has happened in between, but I just don't remember it all.

And for this month I did a count down to my birthday. Hoping someone would give me a little party or something. My sister Chelley did plan a big party. I had a couple hints, and kinda knew what was going on, but was still surprised lasy Saturday when they held it. Mom, Erin and the kids came. My Dad was there to "fix my truck" (that's how they got me out there). Chelley, Bob and the kids...of course. And my good friend, Ed, made the trip all the way from Calgary to help celebrate. It was a good day, and although we were missing a few more people, it was still good. Last Tuesday, Adam came over with my gift from him. Unfortunately I had a hard time being extremely excited, as I have been sick since last Monday (25th). He bought me a guitar, and an amp. Very exciting. Now I have to get better and maybe get help tuning it...I've been trying, but it still sounds off. And considering I don't know much about guitars yet, I'm having a hard time. This coming Saturday when Ed comes down...if he comes down...I will take some pictures and put them up. I left my camera in his car on the day of my party since I had been having a few BEvERageS and could not drive home.

Today, the actual day of my birthday didn't go so great. Still a little sick. Going to the Dr. tomorrow. But I would like to congratulate my BIG little cousin on his Graduation from Highwood High School today.

  December 2006


Tuesday, December 5: Not the greatest update I could have on my webpage, but I just thought I would write here that my Grandma on my Dad's side, passed away on November 30. She has been in the hospital for the last 2 years after breaking her hip. And she stopped eating and drinking, and pretty much did nothing but sleep for the last week of her life. She lived a good long life, loved by a lot of people. 1911 - 2006.

  October 2006


Thursday, October 26: Okay, so here's some pictures of my "boys". Grizz (a.k.a Grizzwald), Pookah and Milo. I'll put up some pictures of when they all first met. And then it'll show how they progressed to now. Enjoy.

Friday, October 20: Alright, so it's been a LONG time since I've updated. Unfortunately, my computer isn't the greatest working piece of machinery. That's an understatement. It really sucks. But, now it seems to be working for the moment, and I figured it was time to update my page. Sorry for taking 8 months! I apologize for any of you who may have written me and sent pictures so that your pages could be updated. But thanks to Trevor, he has done all the work for me! lol. Everybody seems like there’s lots of exciting things going on in their lives. And there has been in my life too. Anyway, I had a good long summer. I have a dog now. He is a 2 year old German Shepherd. His name is Grizz. He was my sister's dog, but she couldn't keep him, so I took him in. I got him on April 1st, and he sure has fooled me a lot. I definitely thought it was easier than it actually is. Unfortunately, now that winter is coming, I haven’t been able to take him for walks as much as both of us would like. It is nice to get out on my own and be with someone who doesn’t disagree with everything you say. He’s a very happy dog. The cats, well, it took them a little while to get used to having this massive “thing” in the house. But now they play with him and cuddle sometimes too! It’s pretty amazing. I’ll put lots of pictures up as soon as I can. But first I figured I should write about my Thanksgiving. As probably most of you know, family didn’t do anything. So, I did the next best thing and spent the holiday with some old friends of mine.

Derrick and Lana had their second baby in May and I had seen them that month, before she’d had him. Dawson was born in May, weighing in at 10 lbs 2 oz!! As you can see, he’s a big boy! So we got to talking and catching up. They now live in High River again and I’ve been over to see them. Adam, of course, is still part of that friendship. He called me up one afternoon because he had heard that I had some of his stuff. So he ended up coming over that night and we sat at the house and talked. Since then, we’ve decided to become friends again and maybe try to work some things out. I want you all to know I’ve been having a great time. I’m happy right now, and intending on keeping it that way. Anyway, here are some pictures of my holiday. Hey I even made Broccoli Puff, which was a hit, of course!!

  February 2006


Tuesday, February 28: The last day of the month. But not the last day of construction. Lots of stuff going on. Dad and Bob has been here doing the floor and I haven't done a whole lot of anything. Not like I could anyway. So tomorrow I think will be the last day of getting the floor done. I decided not to paint. Whatever. I can always do it later. Anyway, here's a couple construction pics.

Saturday, February 25: Okay, so I hope you got some kind of an idea of what my place looks like from the pictures. I just got them up today. Becuase I JUST got my computer set up. Temporarily on my kitchen counter because we aren't starting the new floor until Tuesday. Should be done by Wednesday and then, I'll be all moved in by Thursday. My room is all set up and I have to say I totally thought it was bigger. This is the smallest bedroom I've ever had in my life!! But oh well. It''s my very own so I guess it doesn't matter. Can't wait until I've got everything moved in and I'm nice a cozy. And COZY is exactly how it's going to be. I did know this place was small, but I don't think it's going to be that bad. My living room furniture is just really big and awkward. Anyway, there's an update.

Thursday, February 23: So, I'm mostly moved in to my new condo. Still quite a bit of work to do. And absolutely gorgeous weather to do it in too! Blah, snowing. Oh well, my sister's trck has a covered box, so nothing gets wet. I've found out that my bedroom is really small and is never going to fit my computer into it. So, I'll have to find the proper place for that. Tomorrow I go to pick out my laminate. It'll probably be installed and I can move in my living room set by Thursday. Anyway, I said I'd put them up, so here's some pictures of it. Sorry they aren't super great. The place is small enough that you can only take pictures half the wall up, and then the other half down. Oh well, at least you can see some of it. And yes, the main bathroom color is like, pee yellow. So it needs a little work...

My Condo (Before) 01

My Condo (Before) 02

Tuesday, February 21: So I move out this week! I was really excited last week and couldn't sleep, but I've calmed down somewhat. I'm so happy I'm finally going to live on my own. My own rules. It'll be nice. I can kick people out of my house!! LOL. I'm redoing the main floor. Ripping out the carpet and then lino, and putting down some laminate. Easier to keep clean. I'm painting the walls in the livingroom so it matches the walls in the rest of the house. Because it's so open, and it kinda looks dumb. I'm going to take pictures of the place as soon as I get the keys. And then I'll take pictures of the process of making it look better. And then once I have EVERYTHING in, I'll take pictures so you can all see it. Anyway, that's all I've got to say about it for now. I doubt I'll get around to writing in here again, until after I've moved in.

Monday, February 6: Well, I'm still living with my dad. But at the end of this month I move out, and into my own condo. It's gonna be great to live on my own again. A lot is going on but I'm trying to keep my eye on the goal at hand. Move onto the next thing after I'm settled into my own place. It's going to be interesting. In April my friend, Karen, and her son are moving in. I just feel like maybe life will get better after all. As long as I try to keep myself away from the people who bring me down. I'm going to focus on my house, and then keeping myself healthy and active. I'm so excited.

  January 2006


Saturday, January 14: Hey everybody. I'm now moved into my dad's house and I'm trying to get everything set up. Well, nothing else much going on. For Christmas I got Trevor's old Digital Camera and I've been snapping tons of pictures. I love that you can take pictures and then at the end of the day, delete all the bad ones. Thank you so much Trevor, I'm having so much fun with it. I've been getting lots of good pictures and videos. It's so much fun. Anyway, nothing much else is new in my life.

Friday, January 6: Okay, I'm not dating that new guy anymore. We decided being friends was better for now. So I'm single again! And staying that way for a while. I'm now moving out of Trevor and Val's house, and back into my dad's. But it'll be like living on my own because as soon as he puts a door in at the bottom of the stairs, then I'll have my own little house. One bedroom, a full bathroom, kitchen, and living room. And an area for my washer and dryer. I'm supposed to be moving down there tomorrow, but I don't think I can pack that much stuff by the end of tonight! Plus get a good sleep and make sure that I don't forget anything tomorrow. Oh well. Anyway, nothing else too much is going on. I know this is a "freyfamily" website, but since my friends are my family I'm going to post pictures of my nephew's Christmas on here. I bought him an Aquadoodle and he's only 17 months old and he likes to draw. He even holds the pen properly!!! So here's some pictures.

  November 2005


Saturday, November 26: Well, I'm dating a new guy. His name is Tanner! It's kinda weird because we already have a Tanner in the family. Nothing much else new is going on. Trevor and Val are coming close to leaving me all alone in this big house. Just me and the cats! Oh God I'm becoming the lonely old woman with 12 cats. I only need to adopt 9 more!

Monday, November 21: Im finally back to normal after surgery. Nothing too exciting happening in my life. It's all medical stuff. But I'm doing fine in the mean time.

Friday, November 18: Today I went into Children's Hospital and had surgery. Nothing too extensive. Just a simple procedure. Everything went good. And I got out tonight. Just a couple days to recouperate.

  October 2005


Monday, October 31: Halloween! How special. I went with my friends Karen and Naomi and we took Karen's son, Isaac, out trick-or-treating. He was a cow-boy. I mean he was a cow. He was so cute. He hated his outfit though, and really didn't know what was going on. He didn't understand how all these people were opening the door, giving him candy, and yet he couldn't go in. Just so everybody knows, he's only 15 months old. So he doesn't really understand. Anyway, we all had fun and I think my finger that Isaac was holding onto was the only warm part of my body. Here's some pictures