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Erin's Page

Trevor was asking for content so I sent it to him...all at once. It took a while but it's finally all here. Here is what we've been up to.

May 2008

We just got back from Tanner's Taekwondo Tournament. He did a great job receiving a silver in his pattern and a bronze in sparing.



December 2007

That's right...it's been a year since the last update. It's been a busy year.



November 2006

Finally, Tanner and Teagan have a cousin and I am an Aunty.  I thought I was going to have a little niece with dark hair and blue eyes to spoil.  WRONG. It’s a Boy.  Congratulations Trevor and Val…he is beautiful.

October 2006

Tanner ended up with a never ending cold at the end of September.  He just couldn’t shake it.  He then had flu like symptoms and had joint problems with his right ankle and knee.  Then he developed this scary looking rash that I had never seen before.  Took him to the hospital and he had his first x-ray and lab work done.  The doctor diagnosed Tanner with having Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, which is a type of hypersensitivity vasculitis and inflammatory response within the blood vessel. It is caused by an abnormal response of the immune system. It is more common in boys than in girls. Many people with Henoch-Schonlein purpura had an upper respiratory illness in the previous weeks.  Go figure….who would of known!! (see picture of Tanners a$$.  I mean rash.)

Once he got over the rash, he ended up with pink-eye a few days before Halloween.  We had to chase him and then hold him down just to get drops into his eyes. It really was a crazy month.  Grandma Linda made Teagan’s Princess Costume, and Bubba and I put together Tanner’s Soldier Costume.  Oct. 31st was a little to cool for my liking.  We made our first stop over at Aunt Debbie’s and Uncle Grant’s house and had a photo opportunity with Cousin Reed. Teagan and I didn’t stay out long.  Went to maybe 5 houses and called it quits.  Tanner and Bubba carried on though.  Tanner knows what it’s all about….CANDY! (Halloween pics)

September 2006

Okay…another big update.  Before school started Dad & Linda, the kids, and I went to Calaway Park before it closed for the year.  Teagan went on the merry go round about 5 times, and Tanner went on the rollercoaster with me.  He wanted to go again, but I didn’t have the patience to wait in line.  Maybe next year we will do it again…..(Calaway Pics)

The kids (& mom) and I started the whole school routine (school pics Tanner, Teagan, Teagan1). I decided to enrol Tanner in Taekwon Do and Teagan in ballet and myself in a 3 month project management course at Mount Royal.  That should keep us all busy and out of trouble for awhile.  (see pics….such grace, such form)

August 2006

August long weekend we went to Enchant and camped out at the muncipal park. (our 2nd year) It was hot, but we had a sandy beach....and water, so what more can you ask for. (see Enchant)

July 2006

I took the first week off in July to relax. Tanner took a bike safety course (Birthday present from Uncle Trev, Auntie Val, and Grandma and Grandpa) in Calgary that first week, so I drove up everyday. Anyone, who has biked with Tanner, knows that this was much needed. (Bike pics) Another Wedding for us at the end of July...Cousin Jennifer. Thought I would take the opportunity to get a photo of the kids and I all dressed up. (see us)

June 2006

Started packing the house back in May to get ready for moving day which was on June 24th. I took from June 9th off for cousin Amy's RCMP wedding, which we drove to Regina for. (Amy's wedding pics) Moving day arrived and I was ready to go (with some help), but U-haul wasn't. It was a true nightmare. We finally got the truck, and had it loaded by 9-10pm at night. The next day we drove it to U-hauls storage facility, where my furniture will be kept until I move into my own place. I was still moving stuff out of that place right until the 29th of June and I went back to work that last week too. The new owner(s) took possession on the 30th. Good-bye house! (see house pics)

May 2006

Miss Teagan turned 3 on May 18th. Tanner's party wiped me out and all I had energy for was to put 3 candles in her pancakes that morning. (We did go to the zoo that day..horray! (Zoo pics) Teagan didn't care, but Tanner was disappointed that there was no party. I had to reassure him that there would be a party....and there was, on the Monday of the long weekend. We had a big party in Mom's backyard, and the aunts, uncles and cousins all came. (Teagans birthday pics)

April 2006

Andy and I put the house up for Sale (which we sold in less then a week) and I made the tough life changing decision to move back to High River where I could be supported by my family. (pics of our home)

March 2006

Oh yes....I turned 30! (I wish I were 25) (Erins party pics) Tanner turned 6! Like a good mom should, I had a party for Tanner. I didn't want to do anything that would excite the kids, so I did the arts and crafts thing. Blew up some balloons and the kids decorated painter hats. (Tanner's Party Pics)

January 2006

Okay....Okay....!!! I haven't had much time (& I still don't) to keep my side of the family website up to date, but anyone who know me, knows that I have had a lot on my plate this year. So I am going to go back....way back, to January when we took our (last) family trip to England. We stayed with Andy's aunt and uncle in Gloustershire. We went to the Cathedral in Gloucester where they had filmed the first Harry Potter movie. We made a few day trips, to the Roman Baths in Bath, (check out the site. www.romanbaths.co.uk) and Stonehenge. Andy, Tanner, Teagan and I then went to London, by bus (coach) and stayed a few days. We did a bus tour over two days to try and fit in as many tourist sites as possible. Well, we had the kids and we of course missed most sites, but we managed to go on the London Eye,and the kids are still talking about it! We did see the ceremony of the "changing of the guard" at Buckingham Palace.(England pics)