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Lynette and Jeff's Page

Well I had to drive to Weyburn and physically steal stuff off of their laptop but I finally have something to start Lynette and Jeff's Page.

December 2008

Three years later here is a much needed update of a few pictures.


December 2005

Christmas 2005:

Merry Christmas

And here we are again and another year has passed. All is well with us. Everyone is doing just fine and having a big year.

Alex is now in Kindergarten and adjusting very well. He really enjoys going to see his new school friends every day. He is particularly fond of recess and lunchtime, as the giant sandbox holds a wonderful world of discovery for 5-year-old boys! In fact, school is very much a social event for Alex, more so than an academic adventure. But isn’t that what kindergarten is for?! In the spring we enrolled Alex in soccer, which he did pretty good at, but it too became a social event. Both kids are now taking gymnastics. This has turned out to be a great venue for Alex. We were kind of surprised when he said he wanted to go, but he’s having a blast, and it really natural at it.

Emily is in Grade 1, which is a very big adjustment for all of us. She bring home no less than 45 minutes of homework each night. This isn’t work that didn’t get finished, this is additional study called a “home program”. She handles is like a real trooper though, and is proud to report a couple of perfect exam scores. There are 26 kids in her class, so that’s a very busy teacher. She too, has amassed a large number of new friends. We even had a boy phone to ask her to the park to play, which caused her Father a fair bit of anxiety. In addition to the gymnastics, Emily is also taking her second year of singing lessons. Her teacher says she’s doing very well, and she sure does enjoy it.

Jeff’s been keeping busy at work. He’s had to do some traveling again this year, but nothing more than one night away. Of course he’s generally a bit more excited to see winter than the rest of us so that he and his friends can go snowmobiling. I think that these gas prices might dampen their spirit some, or maybe not!

And me, well, I’ve been really busy this year. My bookkeeping business is doing really well and sometimes I find myself busier than I would like to be. Beyond that keeping up with Emily and Alex (and their Dad) keeps me running. Mom and I are of course making chocolates and doing the Christmas baking again, which is a great time. My wrist (broken last October) is really still not healed, I am awaiting an MRI so that the “specialist” can decide what to fix next.

We did a fair bit of camping this year, though not as much as usual (once again we reflect upon gas prices). The kids both learned to ride without training wheels this summer while on holidays. Once Alex seen how fast Emily could go without them, he was quite determined to ditch his too, and he did. They also took swimming lessons while we were on holidays, and that was fantastic, it really was great to see their growth this year.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. We are thinking of you and yours, and hoping that all is well with your family. We wish you all a Merry Christmas, and all the best in the New Year.


The Richards – Jeff, Lynnette, Emily, and Alex