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Marvyn and Linda's Page

Welcome to Marvyn and Linda's page. They're going to have to let me know what they want on here so I can modify it. Other than that, here it is.

August 2009

Andrea and Steve Visit: Wow...it only takes a relative coming half way across the continent to justify updating the website after only 2 years ;-) Andrea (Uncle Gordon's daughter) and Steve (Husband) came for a visit. We had a little birthday BBQ for Andrea and had the whole Marvyn branch of the family tree over for the occation. Andrea...here is your $5 worth...it would have been more a few months ago when the US dollar was a little stronger ;-) Here are some pictures.


August 2007

Lobster Dinner: The legion was putting on a Alexander Keiths Lobster Party so we decided to treat Erin, Trevor and Valerie to a big juice crustation. Marvyn was able to spray juices clear across the table. Getting into them is more fun than eating them. Here are some pictures.


July 2007

20th Anniversary Party: We are turning 20 as a married couple and Erin, Trevor and Valerie hosted a party with Myron and Marie in our honour. They couldn't resist getting a cake resembling the original cake (including the spelling mistake in Marvyn's name). Here are some pictures.


June 2007

June Birthdays : Erin and the kids and Trevor, Valerie and Keelan came over to celebrate birthdays (Linda and Trevor's) and father's day (Marvyn and Trevor). Trevor organized and motorcycle poker run through his work the day before and we wanted to get some pictures on the bike. Here are some pictures.


May 2007

Keelan's Early Birthday Present: We couldn't resist picking up this little gem we discovered at the garden store of all places. Keelan's first car courtesy of Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Erin. Take a look.


April 2007

Teagan's Early Birthday Present: Erin and the kids came here this morning for coffee. Teagan has a birthday next month and granpa and grandma bought her a brand new bike for an early gift. You can tell by her expression that she thrilled. She caught on fast and when her birthday comes she will be riding fast. Here are some pictures.


November 2006

Friday, November 24: Yesterday we met our new grandson Keelan. He was less than one day old. The expression on our faces tells the entire story about our feelings.

Saturday, November 18: It is November again and Marvyn celebrated another birthday. It was a small party this year but everyone enjoyed themselves. There were a lot of candles on the cake so grandpa needed some help blowing them all out.


August 2006

Dog River: We returned from another vacation in Saskatchewan to visit relatives including Gordon from Texas. The first night in Cyprus Hills a deer walked right through our campsite. The photo is dark but you are able to see the deer. We passed through Dog River while the show is being filmed so we saw all the building involved. We even splurged and bought sweatshirts. Here are some pictures.


December 2005

Christmas: We went to Weyburn for Christmas this year and as it turned out it was a good decision, It was the last holiday with Marvyn's mom. Although we missed our own family we had a great time. On the trip home we stopped in Dog River. It is off season for Corner Gas and everything was closed, but it was fun to see the location for the television show. Here are some pictures.


November 2005

Sunday, November 20: Marvyn celebrated his birthday this month. We all had a great time at his party. The family came over to celebrate and watch the western semi-final football game on T.V. The pictures show that the family has a junior chef now. Teagan helped Gramma both with the cooking and the clean up. The cake was tasty, but with Marvyn's advanced age he needed help to blow out the candles. Tanner and Teagan helped him and then enjoyed the cake. Here are some pictures.