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Baby's Page

This page is dedicated to our new baby...

July 2008

July 24, 2008 Timeline of events:

3:00 AM - Valerie is awake and decides to take Caster Oil. (known to initiate labour...and empty your system)

6:00 AM - Trevor and Valerie awake and decide to make plans for the day (i.e. get induced by other means because the Caster Oil didn't work)

9:00 AM - Valerie talks to Patty (midwife) and makes plans to meet at the hospital at 2 PM to try Cervidil

1:30 PM - Dropped Keelan off at Aleisha's house to stay during the hospital visit (which could be prolonged)

3:00 PM - Started Cervidil. Met by an OB at the hospital that was VERY "midwife friendly". Had to stay monitored for 1 hour.

4:00 PM - Allowed to leave and picked Keelan up at Aleisha's. Stopped for Vietnamese on the way home.

7:00 PM - Things heating up a bit. Phoned Patty (the midwife) to check in.

7:30 PM - Called Patty. She's on her way. Keelan went down for the night.

8:00 PM - Patty arrived. Valerie at 4 - 5 cm with 30-35 second contractions every 2 minutes.

9:00 PM - Still contracting and getting more intense.

9:15 PM - Valerie enters the bathtub.

9:45 PM - Baby Girl "Riyah Jennie Anne Frey" born weighing in at 3100 g (6 lb 14 oz), 50 cm (19-3/4"). Here are some photos.