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Patti's Page

Patti's page is here...let's see how long it takes for her to realize it ;-)

You'll know when she has seen it when she makes me remove the picture to the right :-D

July 2006

Erin and the kids moved in with me at the end of June.  We painted the back bedrooms in the basement for her and layed laminate flooring down.  Trev, Clair and Erin helped lay the flooring. Construction Pictures

June 2006

Thursday, June 15: News now is we all just got back from a wedding in Regina. My neice got married. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was great. Especially the dance. Tanner definitely had a good time dancing. So, here are some pictures of our recent trip.

November 2005

Monday, November 28: High River's Gateway Hotel (celebrating it's 100th birthday next year) burnt down today. Thanks to Aunt Debbi for forwarding some pictures.

Sunday, November 27: Happy Birthday to Clair Belsher our host for the Grey Cup Party. Wow, what a game. We needed to calm down in the hot tub afterwards. Here are some pictures.