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January 2011

Baby Frey #3 is here: We are pleased to introduce our 3rd child, Lochlan Anderson Patrick FREY.  Our little boy was 8 days overdue choosing to be a January 2011 baby instead of a December 2010 baby.  We missed having New Years baby by about 32 hours.  We expected to have our 3rd uneventful quick homebirth, but again Lochlan called the shots and had some heart rate decelerations that our midwife was not comfortable keeping us at home.  The heartrate issues remained very minor, but it was enough to prevent us from going home again.  We welcomed our little guy at the Rockyview Hospital at 7:52 am, 7 hours after Val's first contraction, 20 minute after active labour started and with only 2 pushes.

Lochlan scored 9 & 10 (out of 10) for his Apgars (smart like daddy) and is perfect in every way.  He is the heavy weight champion of our kids coming in at a "whopping" 7 lbs (3170gm) 20 inches long (51cm).  He came home 4 hours after his birth (we couldn't get home fast enough!) and has enjoyed his first big nap and a couple of meals.  Big brother Keelan, and big sister Riyah are beyond thrilled and are already fighting over who gets to hold him.  Keelan got the new blankets to keep him warm and Riyah offered to give him one of her night-time pull up pants when I told her I needed to change his diaper. The older kids are enjoying a night with Auntie Erin & Uncle Steve and the cousins so we can catch up on sleep and get to know the new little one without distraction.

Our thanks go to our fabulous midwife, Kimberley (and the other team members at Aurora), Hailey who came to kid sit at 3 am, and Patti (Trev's mom) who came to watch the kids once the decision was made to stay at the hospital.  Thank-you to many others for support through this journey.  We are very blessed and happy to settle in as the next chapter of our lives unfolds.

Here are the first few snapshots of Lochlan.


April to August 2009

Much Needed Update: Well I don't know if it's been too quiet or too busy for an excuse this time. Lots has happened since march.

I took some time off in April (around Easter) and planned on tiling the basement kitchen area but instead decided to install the cabinets (Here is our artistic rendition of the episode ;-). We also build a shed in the back yard (still not quite finish painted).

May was a blur. I changed positions in the company...I left the Talisman Alliance and joined the MEG Energy Small Projects team to work on SAGD work (totally different from the gas work I've been doing to date).

In June we spent Val's birthday at MacLean Creek. It snowed like crazy. On the bright side we didn't have to deal with the noisy wipper snappers :-) Also, we got the chance to see a young moose walk through our campsite. (Once again I'll post pictures later). For my birthday I had a company golf tournament (I don't remember how I did ;-) and we went camping at Carsland (Wyndham Campground). This time we weren't able to avoid the wipper snappers. A group of young campers made it rather difficult to get the kiddies to sleep. I swear I was never that obnoxious :-)

In July we did the usual Stampede Parade with Richard and Nora Seto (fantastic once again). I ran the annual Motorcycle Poker Run for my company. It was a little more eventful than I would like. We had an accident this year where the rider and 10 year old passenger came around a corner and came across some mountain sheep. He locked the front brake and the front tire washed out causing both of them to fall off. The rider was airlifted to Foothills Hospital with a broken knee, tibia, ankle and foot and a fair amount of road rash. The boy was taken by ambulance to the Children's Hospital with only a couple dime sized road rash marks. Very lucky since it could have been a lot worse. Here are some pics. Also in July Riyah turned one. We had a small casual afternoon/evening BBQ with family. Don and Shirley (Val's parents) were down, Bubba, Erin, Steve, Tanner, Teagan and Annelies all came in the afternoon while Dad and Linda came a bit later since Linda had to work. We sat in the back yard while the kids and some of the adults played in the pool. Here are some photos.

August Long Weekend we spent with mom, Erin (Steve and kids) and Lisa (Lance and kids) at Enchant campground. We had a great time playing at the campsite, Keelan riding bikes with his cousins, playing at the beach and golfing. That is until 4 AM on Sunday Night/Monday Morning. A severe thunderstorm blew in complete with nearly golf ball sized hail. Our car (Mazda CX-9) now looks like a golf ball. We were virtually in the middle of a lake until morning with a bit of flash flooding. I don't think we are destined to successfully camp this year. Here are some pictures of the eventful weekend.

Dad and I just got back from our annual Motorcycle weekend. Val and I started out by riding the motorbike out to Golden for our annual Whitewater Rafting Trip with my company. We spent Friday celebrating our 5th Anniversary by going out to a nice restaurant in Golden. Dad came out on Saturday and met us there then Val headed back to Calgary on Sunday while dad and I headed to Creston. We spent one night in Creston then went into the states to Whitefish via Libby and Eureka. We spent two nights in Whitefish and went over Logan Pass and back around on the south route to Kalispell and Whitefish. The last day we headed back to Calgary via Eureka and Fernie. We ended up hitting a few wet patches but nothing too serious. Here are some pics of the trip.

We spent the following weekend at the Heins' (friends of Val's) farm. They have all kinds of fun toys. Keelan got his first taste of ATV's. Here are some pictures.

We were home for a day and then packed up and off to Edmonton (more specifically Bon Accord) to Val's Aunt Lauri and Uncle Terri's Farm. They have about 85 acres of mostly treed land. They've cut paths throughout their land and the trails are like a maze. They loaned us their camper and parked us in the back 40. Very isolated...creepy dark and quiet. Quite the stretch from public camping within an hour of a city. We spent one day at West Edmonton Mall (mostly in the water park) and another evening at Val's parents where they hosted a hot dog roast for a bunch of the family. On the farm we spent a fair amount of time swimming in their pool, driving/riding on their Centaur (8-wheeled vehicle), and playing with their horses and dog. After leaving Bon Accord we stopped at a friend of mine's cabin near Sundre. They are in the process of building but have all of the amenities fully functional (trailer on site with fullsize and bar size fridges, hot tub, ATV's, etc. Keelan loved it as there were lots of Brian's kids to play lacrosse, hockey or ride the quads with. Here are some pictures from the whole adventure.


January to March 2009

Much overdue update: Things have been pretty quiet...just trying to keep up with the kids. Lots of fun activities have taken place but I think pictures tell an interesting story on their own. Take a look.


December 2008

Merry Christmas: Well, Christmas is upon us. Where did that come from? We managed to get the tree up, some presents wrapped, the Christmas cards in the mail and some cookies baked...what's left?


November 2008

Keelan's 2nd Birthday: Keelan celebrated his 2nd birthday on November 22nd (his actual birthday is November 23rd) with lots of balloons, cake and family around. Here are some pictures.

Trevor's New Position: So I officially started my new position as Talisman Prime Process Lead at work. I accepted the position earlier in October and began transitioning into the role over the last few weeks. The position is proving to be quite different from what I have been doing over the last 6ish years. No more technical work...instead I'm managing about 17-20 other process engineers and doing things like manpower planning, creating work processes/engineering guidelines, and dealing with day-to-day "people issues". It's definitely different and interesting.


October 2008

Halloween 2008: Keelan dressed up as a "Hunny Pot" (Winnie the Pooh) and Riyah dressed up as Broccoli (we think...could be Asparagus). We walked around the neighbourhood and Keelan was getting the hang of banging on the door and yelling "Trick or Treat" (sometimes "Trick or Cookie" ;-). Here are some pictures.

Pumpkin Hunt (Butterfield Acres): We went out to Butterfield Acres as an event organized by Colt for a pumpkin hunt. The idea was you go for a short hay ride to a "pumpkin patch" and search the grasses and trees for pumpkins. Once you have your pumpkins you hop back on the tractor to dectorate the pumpkins with markers, glue and a variety of beads, colored pastas and rice, etc. They also had a petting zoo where the kids could get up close with some critters. It was quite fun. Here are some pictures.


September 2008

Calgary Corporate Challenge 2008: Another year has come and gone. Although we weren't as active as previous years with Riyah's recent arrival, I was able to compete in Tug-O-War, Ultimate Frisbee and Bocce Ball. The whole family (including Kai's fourth consecutive year) came out to cheer on Bocce Ball and we took home the Silver...yey! We (Colt) have now won the spirit award 7 out of the last 8 years...a huge accomplishment. We didn't take a ton of pictures but here are some.


August 2008

Motorcycle Weekend: We (me, Dad, my friend Craig, his brother Kyle and Dad's friends Myron and Mary) went on our second annual motorcycle weekend. This year we headed west again to Revelstoke and south to Nakusp but decided to tack on an extra day and head west from there to Trail. From there we went south to Trail and back east through Creston and the Crowsnest Pass before returning to Calgary. Here is the route we took this year. The only deviations this year were that we went around the west side of the lake from Vernon to Kelowna and we went south through Trail rather than the north route through Castlegar. The weather was almost too good as the entire time was in the high 30's and it was a blistering 42C when we arrived in Vernon. It was like riding for 8 hours head first into a hair dryer. The only escapes were stops at streams next to the road. Thanks to Val's parents (Don and Shirley) who came down to Calgary to help Val look after Keelan and Riyah while I was out riding the curves. Their visit was hampered by a rather bad accident on the Deerfoot on their way back north to Edmonton. Luckily no one was seriously injured but their vehicle was a write-off. I think they are still recovering a bit from the after effects.

Edmonton Trip: Well the end of July was an exciting time for the Trevor extension of the FreyFamily. We welcomed the arrival of our new family member Riyah and said good-bye to Valerie's Grandmother in Edmonton. Val's grandmother passed away two days before Riyah's "forced" arrival. ("Forced" because although she was overdue we'd normally have waited at least another week before inducing...no issues medically with doing what we did though.) This gave us the chance to drive up to Edmonton to attend the funeral and allow Val to play the piano at the funeral. The trip was good for everyone to meet the new baby and we were able to stick around and let Grandma and Grandpa Goutbeck play with the grandkids from Calgary. Another interesting quirk with the beginnings of Riyah's life...within 12 hours of her life our digital camera stopped working. This force us into purchasing a new one so we decided to go Digital SLR. I bought a Nikon D40...it's fantastic if anyone is in the market. I did a bunch of online research and although there are newer models out there this one had by far the best bang for the buck. It turned out to be comparable in cost to a point and shoot. Trade off physical camera size for picture quality. Lets see if you can tell when new camera pictures start ;-)


July 2008

New Baby Girl (July 24, 2008): Riyah Jennie Anne Frey was born at home at 9:45 PM. She weighed 6 lb 4 oz and was 19-3/4" long. No complications and mom and baby are doing fantastic. Here's the play-by-play.

Stampede Parade Day (July 4): We got invited to the parade by Richard Seto and his family again this year. It gave us an opportunity to visit with some of Val's old coworkers and see the parade from private bleachers. Keelan loves the parade...lots of trucks, cars and horses. It wiped him out though. After the parade we returned home and played in the back yard. Bubba (Patti) and Auntie Erin came over for a brief BBQ. Here are some pictures.


June 2008

2nd Annual Motorcycle Poker Run (June 28): I organize a Motorcycle Poker Run again this year for my companies social club. Not that I'm complaining but the temperature was a balmy 28C. Once on the bike it was perfect. We travelled from Calgary to Millarville to Cochrane to Morley to Bragg Creek and returned to Calgary. It was a great time...I'm looking forward to next year. Here are some pictures.

Camping with the Snead's (June 21): Valerie, Keelan and I went camping with our friends Tony and Kristen and their son MacEwan in the Crowsnest Pass. We usually camp with the Herbert's (Colin and Kari) but they had to drop out this year as they recently moved to Alaska. The six of us went on a "hike" to the spot that Valerie and I had planned to get married. By "hike" we mean that Tony drove his big truck to the top and we had a pleasant 2 minute walk to the location ;-) Again the weekend's weather was fantastic except for the bit of rain on the Sunday while we were packing but that cleared up just in time for us to hop in the car to drive back (figures). Here are some pictures.

Golden Rafting Trip (June 14): Father's Day weekend marks the annual white water rafting trip to Golden. We took the opportunity to steal Dad and Linda's tent trailer for the weekend and tow it with our own vehicle (yey!). The rafting was great again and the weather held for the most part. We got rained on a bit while camping but it didn't slow Keelan down one bit. He loves camping. Here are some pictures.


May 2008

Little Britches Parade and Teagan's Birthday (May 19): Keelan got to see his first Little Britches Parade (High River rodeo) then play with Tanner and Teagan at Auntie Erin's house. Here are some pictures.


April 2008

Banff (April 1ish): Val and I managed to sneak out of town for a "weekend" without Keelan for a much needed break. Thanks to Don and Shirley (Valerie's parents) for offering to come down and sit on our kid. During our stay in Banff we went on a couple walks and did some shopping. We were lucky enough to have our car "keyed" at the hotel (presumably someone caught us with their skis).


March 2008

WIPE-OUT: I (Trevor) had a bit of a wipe out on his bike in March. I hit some loose gravel taking an off ramp on the highway and elected to go for the ditch rather than the pavement. No serious damage but here's a shot of the bruising on his upper thigh. The bike faired ok...no mechanical damage but scratched up the paint and a couple engine covers. Here's the bike.


February 2008

Mexico Trip: Well we decided to take a last minute holiday to Mexico and booked into Barcelo Maya Tropical Resort just south of Playa del Carmon, Mexico. When we got there we found out that we had been upgraded to the Barcelo Maya Palace (a significant upgrade at no charge...I'm not going to argue). The Palace was completed in December so everything was virtually brand new and looked it. The resort itself consisted of five different hotels; Beach and Caribe on the low end, Colonial and Tropical are mid-range, and Palace is high end. By staying in the Palace we were allowed to tour all five hotels and checked them out. Both Val and I felt that our original choice of Tropical (or Colonial) would have suited our style quite well as the Palace seemed a little too pretentious for us. The upgrade from Beach/Caribe to Tropical/Colonial was ~$100 per person. The upgrade from Tropical/Colonial to Palace was ~$500 per person. I don't think we would shell out that kind of cash to stay at Palace but getting the upgrade for free was a nice touch :-)

On Sunday, Val and I got up at 3 AM after a rough 4 hour sleep with Keelan waking up every hour and a half. We were at the airport by 4:30AM and boarded the plane by 6 AM. Keelan slept for about half the 5 hour flight allowing Val and I to relax a bit. We landed and hopped onto our transport to the resort. Check-in was rather painfull since no one knew where we were staying at first but once in the room it was all worth it. We spent the first afternoon/evening wondering around the hotel finding the various restaraunts and bars.

On Monday we booked our a la cart restaurant meals, branched out and checked out some of the other Barcelo hotels at the resort and found their restaurants, bars and pools. At one of the pools I (Trevor) took a quick scuba lesson in the pool (I'm already certified for open water diving so it was a bit of a joke but a good deal for free). We had our first a la carte meal at the caribean restaurant...ok at best.

On Tuesday we took a taxi to a bay nearby that our neighbours (in Calgary) suggested called Akumal (meaning "place of turtles" because...you guessed it...it's famous for its sea turtles) and I (Trevor) signed up to go scuba diving at the reef (10 minutes from shore). It was nice going for a real scuba dive again but the variety of fish and coral was nothing compared to what we saw in Thailand. I did see a lobster, several angel fish, a "box" fish, a couple of rather large barracudas and a school of tuna among others. Following the dive, we walked around visiting shops and had a nice authentic Mexican lunch (including Corona). We decided to return to the resort using some Mexican public transportation called "Collectivo's". It's sort of a hobby of ours while traveling in foreign countries to take their common form of transportation...in Thailand it was the "Sawngthaew" and in Kenya it was the "Matatu". In all cases it is simply a converted truck or van designed to carry as many people as possible as fast as possible (what a thrill).

On Wednesday we spent a good part of the day next to the pool and enjoying the swim up bar. It was very relaxing. Keelan had a nice long siesta on the lounge chair and Val had a pedicure. We ate at the Brazilian restaurant (amazing...if you go to this resort don't miss this a la carte restaurant).

On Thursday we took an all inclusive tour to Coba (tallest Mayan ruin in Mexico), a tour of a current Mayan village and swam in a cenote (a cavern carved out of the limestone by erosion...very cool with stalactites). The walk to get to Coba was very tiresome...approximately 4 km in about 27C weather. Once we got there, Val carried Keelan to the top of Coba on her back in the true Kenyan fashion...using only her sarong. We ate lunch at a modern Mayan town then carried on to the traditional Mayan village (a few hunts made out of branches and grasses). Finally we were on the bus again and off for a dip in the cenote. It was very refreshing and Keelan enjoyed it after a bit of coaxing.

On Friday we mimicked Wednesday's adventures (or lack there of and hung around the pool drinking at the swim up bar). My kind of holiday ;-) We ate at the French a la carte restaurant. It was very elegant and the food was quite french. We had escargot, caviar, and duck. Quite tasty.

On Saturday we took the resort trolley to the Tropical hotel for breakfast and to meet our Tour representative to find out how we were getting back to the airport the next day. Then we walked around the shopping centre and picked up a few knickknacks to bring home with us. We headed back to the pool and enjoyed the rest of our last full day in Mexico. Keelan had another nice long nap on the lounge chair give Val and I a chance to throw the frisbee around in the pool. We ate at the Mexican a la carte restaurant for our last a la carte meal. It was a fun experience (tip...order the Mexican Coffee if you go...it comes with a cool show).

On Sunday we got up and started packing :-( We hate traveling days. We transported all of our things to the lobby and left them at the front desk to be watched while we went for breakfast. We said our goodbyes to the resort and hopped in a bus for the airport. (airports are airports and airplanes are airplanes) We arrived back in Calgary and were greeted by Marty and Aleisha and Kai even tagged along to meet us at the airport. We drove home, unpacked and started laundry (did I mention that I was in Grande Prairie the week prior to Mexico...I had no clothes clean for work).

On Monday I went to work...that sucked...200 emails and about the same number of envelopes of real mail to filter through. What holiday??

Here are the pictures from our trip


January 2008

More Basement Construction: This is a compilation of all of the basement construction photos since the last update. In September/October we completed the electrical, plumbing and heating rough-ins and passed the inspections (with a bit of difficulty with the plumbing one). In October we hung the drywall, taped the basement and textured the ceilings (knock-down style). Then at the beginning of November we moved all of our stuff back into the basement to give our new car a resting place in doors, installed all of the electrical "Stuff" and prepared for our trip north (described below).

Christmas break wasn't so much a break as an opportunity to get a bit more done in the basement without spending all of my non-Colt work hours in the basement. We got a good deal on Boxing Day and purchased a new A/V receiver that works with the new projector and so we hooked that up and installed the speakers. I got a computer working and plugged into the basement home theatre system. It's all coming together ;-) Next, got the shower installed (base, surround and enclosure). Finally, we installed the tile in the bathroom and are preparing to install the remainder of the bathroom fixtures. All we need now is a door ;-)

FYI - there's a secret message in the construction pictures ;-)


December 2007

Startup: Well after Keelan's birthday I hopped on a plane and headed back up to Grande Prairie to "finish" starting up the plant. As it turned out the startup took longer than expected and I didn't get back to Calgary until Dec 5th. In the end, the plant was completely started on Dec 7th. As a group we were joking about having to spend Christmas up there...when December hit, it stopped being funny :-s

FYI - most mornings it was about -25C with windchills down to about -35C...Burrrr! Next time lets startup on time and have it done by November :-)


November 2007

Grande Prairie & Keelan's 1st Birthday: Valerie, Keelan and I headed north to Grande Prairie in our new car. I had to go up for the startup of my plant. We stayed in a nice little cabin just north of town. It was nicer than being stuck in a hotel since there was a kitchen and separate bedroom and laundry facilities. After two weeks, Val had enough so we headed to Edmonton and celebrated Keelan's first birthday with Grandma and Grandpa Goutbeck. He had lots of guests at his birthday party and I think his favourite present was the Mega Blocks that Grandma and Grandpa got for him (Dad's favourite too ;-) Here are some photos from the Grande Prairie Trips and here are some photos from Keelan's Birthday party.

New Car: We got our new wheels on November 2nd. It is a 2007 Mazda CX-9 GT. We needed something a bit larger for our family and didn't want to break down and buy a minivan (although there is nothing wrong with that for those minivan owners out there). We found that the summer camping season was a bit too much for our little Mazda3. The new car can seat 7 and the seats fold down for a huge amount of storage (I fit a double bed in the back already). The other bit plus is it can tow so we can take Dad and Linda's tent trailer without having to take their car too. Pictures coming soon.


October 2007

The Calm Before the Storm: I've been putting in some heavy hours at work since returning from holidays. The gas plant I've been designing is planned to start up in November so I've been doing some final details. Including a 95 page long Operating Guideline (text only...with appendices it is over 300 pages).


September 2007

Calgary Corporate Challenge 2007: Well another year of Corporate Challenge is behind us. This year we didn't take part quite as heavily as past years but we did make appearances at our favourite events and I participated in Basketball and Bocce ball again. Photos of CCC 2007


August 2007

Summer Construction: We have had a busy spring/summer filled with several construction projects. We finished off the railing around our BBQ in april, cut out the shelf in our entry closet in May (added the shelf when we built), and put cabinets up in our laundry room, added a vacuflo kick-plate in the kitchen, and began to seriously develop our basement in July/August. Here are some photos of the construction.

Global Fest 2007: A friend/co-worker of Trevor's gave us tickets to watch Spain's presentation at the Global Fest Fireworks competition. We had a great time and once Keelan got past the loud bangs he also enjoyed the show. Take a look.

Motorcycle Trip: After returning from our holiday, Trevor and his dad went on a weekend motorcycle trip with his friend Craig and Marvyn's friends Myron and Mary. We went from Calgary to Revelstoke the first day (Friday). On the Saturday we rode from Revelstoke to Nakusp then to Kalso and down to Creston via the Kootenay Lake ferry. Then from Creston we rode to Fernie where we spent the night. That was a long day of riding (left Revelstoke shortly after 9:00 AM Alberta time and arrived in Fernie at about 9:30 PM Alberta time). On Sunday we rode from Fernie back to Calgary via highway 22 and I was comfortably on my couch by 2:30 PM. My butt was sore...More or less this is the route we took. Here are some pictures.

Trip to Vancouver Island: We took a couple weeks off at the beginning of August. We spend a couple days of the long weekend with family at the Enchant campground before driving out to visit Jennilee Jamison in Vancouver. We took the ferry over to Naniamo then spent a few days on the island doing the tourist thing. We took a ferry back (after a 2.5 hour wait) and spent a few days with Val's Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Maple Ridge. Here are pictures from the vacation.


July 2007

Stampede 2007: Valerie's parents (Don and Shirley Goutbeck) came down for a week to visit during Stampede. Great!!! Built in babysitter and workers for basement construction. Here are some highlights from the week.


June 2007

Val's Haircut: Val got tired of Keelan pulling on her hair. Here is the result.

Colt Motorcycle Poker Run: Trevor organized a Motorcycle Poker Run for his work's social club. He had up to 50 bikes participating before a few had to withdraw for various reasons. It was a great day (aside from the hail we hit on the way back into Calgary). Our trip went from Calgary to Turner Valley to Chain Lakes Picnic Area to Nanton to High River and back to Calgary. Here is the route if anyone is interested. It is a nice drive on two wheels or four. Here are some pictures.

Golden Kicking Horse River White-water Rafting: We celebrated Trevor's big 3-0 by doing some white-water rafting on Golden's Kicking Horse River. Our boat contained Trevor, Val, Aleisha (friend), Marty (friend), Penny (friend), Alex (Penny's brother), Adam (Annelies' boyfriend) and Beau (co-worker) and mom, Erin and Annie babysat Keelan back at the campground. The day was one of the best yet for the weather and the water was nice and high (and cold). Here are some pictures.

Camping/Farm Trip: We went camping to nearby Wyndham Provincial Park at Carseland (Trevor had a golf tournament at Speargrass Golf Course just up the hill). Val and Keelan went to visit friends near Lethbridge and took a tour of their farm. Here are the pictures.


May 2007

Keelan goes swimming: Val and Keelan visit with a few friends every couple of weeks and do mommy and baby things together. This particular trip the babies went for a swim in a back yard pool. Take a look.

Keelan's Dedication: We had Keelan dedicated at New Hope Community Church on May 27th with friends and family in attendance. Thanks to everyone that was able to come. Here are some pictures for those who couldn't.

Camping with the Herberts: We went on our second annual camping trip with the Herberts (Colin and Kari) on May Long Weekend. I know ... what were you thinking. Of course the weather will suck :-) We had fun nonetheless. We went to Allison/Chinook Lake in the Crowsnest Pass. Here are a few pics.


April 2007

Calgary Flames Playoffs: Well we managed to get tickets to two playoff games versus Detroit. Calgary won the first but lost the second (and was eliminated from the playoffs). We weren't sure how Keelan was going to do with all the noise but there were only a couple points during the cheering that he had a hard time. Here are some pictures.

Too much polyester: So Val thought it would be a good idea to put Keelan in an outfit I wore when I was a youngster. The back of the pictures says I was 13 months old. Keelan is currently 4.5 months old. I honestly can't figure out how she got him to smile while wearing that suit.


March 2007

Bowl For Kids: Once again we took part in this year's Bowl for Kids (Big Brothers and Sisters of Calgary fundraiser). Thank you all who supported us with pledges and legwork. It was a great time. As usual the theme fit right in with Colt..."Cowboys/Rodeo". We got dudded up in our western finest (then put on bowling shoes) and struck out. I'd say that the highlight of the evening was having our team drawn to bowl our way to Vegas. The first three bowlers from our team had to throw strikes then we win. Easy right? Well, I (Trevor) was first...STRIKE. Next was Val...STRIKE. Exciting hey? Then Annie had her shot at glory...GUTTERBALL! Oh well, practice up Annie...there's always next year ;-) Here are some photos.

PDAC 2007 Toronto, Ontario: Well Valerie managed to get wrangled into going to Toronto again this year to help Clarity Capital (her employer before maternity leave) promote their various companies (mainly Western Warrior Resources). I had the pleasure of tagging along and playing Mr. Mom. I still think it was an excuse to have me in her shoes for a few days taking care of Keelan. It really wasn't easy since he wasn't too keen on the bottle/sippy cup and it was brutally cold in TO. I did get the chance to discover the joys of Toronto's PATH system (underground version of Calgary's +15 walkway system)...it sucked! I feel sorry for people with disabilities and strollers, etc. The few elevators they had didn't work :-s I spent a lot of time getting to a point then having to back-track to go outside (at -30C) to continue to the next dead end. The positive points of the trip include the last four days. We went to the Hockey Hall of Fame, the CN Tower, The Gill Deacon Show (Val's highlight) and Niagara Falls. Niagara wasn't without its hiccups though. We managed to lose Keelan's diaper bag (which we eventually recovered) and along with it our chequebook (which we never recovered). Here are some photos of the trip. Toronto Pics Niagara Pics


February 2007

Colt Ski Trip: We managed to find a babysitter and dragged her along for the ride. She might claim otherwise but I know mom had a good time babysitting Keelan for her birthday. The weather was great for the trip but both Val and I felt under the weather and weren't up for skiing/snowboarding the second day. Instead we hung out around the lodge while the rest of the Colt group spent the day on the hill. If nothing else it gave me time to read the owners manual for my new bike. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Late is better than never: Back on January 14th Randy, Jill and Gavin (Val's cousin, wife and son) came for a visit. While they were here Randy graciously offered to set up a makeshift studio in the basement and snap some pictures. Out of 275 pictures we were able to widdle them down to our top 18. Here they are.


January 2007

More new stuff: Well with a new camera comes new responsibility. I'm now stuck doing some video editing and trying to not look too amateur compared to Val's family (some of whom do this stuff professionally...at least I know where to go for tips). Here's my first video (This file is 33 MB so it's gonna take a while to load...be patient...don't even click it unless you have high-speed)

The other big news...after a summer's worth of effort in the garage working on my motorcycle instead of riding it we decided to purchase a new bike. Here it is. It's a 2006 Kawasaki Z750S. The main purpose is a commuting vehicle for me but who am I kidding...I'll be using it for a few day trips too :-D

New Baby=New Camera: Typical...with the arrival of a new baby, Dad gets to go shopping for new electronics. We purchase a new camcorder to take video of the baby (of course). I put a couple small samples together. These clips are from our last midwife appointment. Kimberly Schmidt (in the video) was the one that delivered Keelan into our lives. Here she is with Keelan.



December 2006

Christmas 2006: It's not over yet but I thought I'd put some pictures up. Christmas Eve Mom and Erin spent the night and we all enjoyed a fondue and some beverages. The party animals that we are were in bed by 11PM :-) Val, Keelan and I dragged our butts out of bed at about 9AM and gathered to open some presents. We started the cooking and Dad and Linda and Annelies arrived at 2-3PM. Anyways, dinner was excellent...fun was had by all...enjoy the pictures.

After Two Weeks: Two weeks later Keelan weighs 1.5 lbs more and Val weighs 20 lbs less...my weight remains unchanged however :-(

As you can imagine we've collected a few more pictures in the last couple weeks. Take a look.


November 2006

Keelan Frey Arrives: After 9 (+) long months of waiting it actually happened. Valerie and I welcomed our new baby boy into the world. Everyone meet Keelan (Joseph Goutbeck) Frey. He made his appearance at 10:50 PM on Thursday November 23, 2006 after about 4 hours of serious labour including 20 minutes of pushing. Apparently we got off easy :-)

Keelan weighed in at 3100 grams (6 lb 13 oz) and measured 50 cm (20 inches) long. Valerie delivered the baby via water birth at home. Mom and baby are doing fine.


October 2006

Halloween 2006: Halloween is just around the corner so it's pumpkin carving time again. Here are some highlights.


September 2006

Calgary Corporate Challenge 2006: Another year of Corporate Challenge has ended. This year Colt was denied the Overall Spirit Award but claimed the next best thing...the Orange Division Spirit Award. I am told it was a very tight race this year. Here are some highlights.


August 2006

P.Eng.: Well after years of work I finally attained the designation "Professional Engineer" (or P.Eng.) through APEGGA (The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicist of Alberta).


July 2006

T&V Vacation '06 : Val and I went on a mini vacation on our way back from our 2nd of 3 weddings this summer. We dipped down into the states and spent a couple nights at a small lake called Sullivan Lake in north east Washington state. Here are some pictures of the fun.


June 2006

Val hit 30!: It seems Valerie has caught up to Erin and had her 30th birthday on June 7th. We hosted a bit of a party on the 24th to celebrate. I couldn't resist putting the picture on the cake.

Whitewater Rafting in Golden, BC: I had the opportunity to go whitewater rafting this weekend in Golden with my company's social club. It was awesome...the water was a refreshing 4C and will cure a wicked hangover with the first splash from a rapid. So far I only have four of the best pictures taken by the photographer but when I get my pictures developed from the waterproof camera I'll put them all up. Here are the pictures so far,

Confirmed! Two Feet...: Well, we had our ultrasound yesterday (June 14th) and the child definitely has two feet. Take a look at some of the pictures.

A Little Bad News: Trevor got into a bit of an accident May 26th :-( No serious injuries (other than the car...here are some pictures). $4000 damage to our car before they could even open the hood (half of which was labour... talk about extortion).


March 2006

EXTRA! EXTRA! The Frey Family Is Expanding By Two Feet!: Some big news everyone. Valerie is expecting! The due date is November 10th if all goes as planned. Val has already gone out and bought a pair of PJ's. So naturally we had to test them on Kai. I think she likes them ;-)

December 2005

London and Kenya (Dec 9-Jan 2): Well, we survived the lions and leopards and got some fantastic shots. Putting them into a decent format and getting them on the site is taking a bit of time. We are thinking about having an Out of Africa party in the near future and we will have some comments to go with the pictures (as well as many more pictures, African food and drinks). I'll keep you up to date. In the meantime, enjoy the slide shows. If you don't have highspeed take a look at the file sizes...you may not want to bother. (FYI - The numbers on each picture are in case you would like a copy I can forward you a high quality one.)

London Slide Show (2.55MB)

Nairobi and Wedding Slide Show (9.85MB)

Safari Slide Show Part 1 (9.89MB)

Safari Slide Show Part 2 (10.3MB)


November 2005

Construction (Nov 12-13): Well we've decided that we need to develop one of the rooms in the basement for Annelies to move in to. I'm not sure how two small cats can cause so much trouble...one has taken a liking to chasing Kai, the other has taken a liking to eating Val's plants. Here are some pictures of the fun.

October 2005

Halloween (Oct 30-31): Yeah, Halloween. Did a little pumpkin carvin', candy eatin', and a little dressin' up. Check out some pictures.

September 2005

Calgary Corporate Challenge (Sept 9-24) : Yikes!!! Can you say severe liver damage?? I can. I took a lot of pictures of all the events but here are some highlights. That's right kids...for those of you that didn't see me I can actually grow a beard if I try.

August 2005

Wedding Season/Much Needed Holiday (August 25 - Sept 5): Four weddings in five weeks...three in a row in three provinces (Abbotsford, BC; Calgary, AB; and Nipawin, SK). We were able to enjoy the relaxation of the interior of BC for a few days on the lake. Here are the pictures. (FYI - very nice campground, not cheap, but you can actually rent a fridge for your site :-)

Weyburn Trip (July 29 - August 1): Here are some pictures from our long overdue trip to Weyburn. Thanks to Shannon and Kyle for taking some time away from the Harvest to visit with us.


Here's a new cool video for any of you that wish you could fly...http://www.jet-man.com

I've found a new song for you all to enjoy. Courtesy of www.ebaumsworld.com

Here is the Hippo song.

The Kenya song isn't gone...just moved...click below (courtesy of http://www.weebls-stuff.com):